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Age of Gratitude – a collection of memories from a decade of Halo, this site run by GrimBrother One has testimonies from both leaders and fans in the Community.

Halo has strongly impacted many over the years, and here you can read their stories – or add your own!

CruelLEGACEY Productions – Halo machinima, videos, montages, tutorials, screenshots, and forge creations from the man himself. If you’re looking for high-quality across a wide range of Halo content, this is the place.

And I thought that before I became a contributor on the site 🙂

Dude Gamer – run by (you guessed it) the Dude, this is great site for Halo content and commentary, as well as his thoughts on other games. There’s a podcast, gaming with Dude, guides and more.

I especially recommend his gaming videos – the commentary is priceless.

Elders.TV – containing news and their own YouTube channel, Chris (xExOp90x) and the rest of the crew keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings of Halo

Forward Unto Dawn – providing insight, analysis and speculation into the dynamic franchise that is Halo.

They also have a great forum for anyone willing to maturely discuss and enjoy the franchise. Check it out!

GriftballHub – for those who feel shooty Halo is a step backward. Head over to the Hub for more griffball than you can shake a … well … hammer at.

Grim Times Indeed – the personal site of GrimBrother One, you’ll get his personal feelings on Halo and gaming in general. Personally.

Halo Archive -A lore-centric Halo site with the goal of “asking the ‘whys and hows’ of our favorite universe”, the site has a lot to offer including their own forum, in-depth articles, and podcast.

One of the things I enjoy about the site in the professionalism – these guys care about what they’re doing and it shows.

Halo.Bungie.Org – the proverbial parent company to almost every community site out there, this is where Halo fans first flourished on the web.

Find up-to-the-minute news as well as what’s going on in the wide world of the Halo Community from every corner of the globe. Which is hard to do since globes don’t have corners.

HaloFanForLife – a fellow fan with a focus on the Halo toys, the site has all kinds of good stuff from thoughts on the fiction to the latest news (and reactions to it). Get there, read, and be enlightened!

Halopedia – to simply call it a “Halo Wiki” would be like calling Halo “just a game.” See how stupid that would be?

Halopedia has an amazing collection of facts from all aspects of the universe – however, don’t go there to look up just one thing – I can guarantee you’ll get stuck into the plethora of knowledge at your fingertips!

HaloRing – a nexus of sites related to our favorite ringed orbital installations. Check out the Ring to find even more sites than I have listed here.

HaloTracker – the best stat site around … but there’s more! Live game play broadcasts, a bustling forum and dedication to their community which can clearly be seen with spotlights, contests and more.

And did I mention stats? It’s worth a look just for that!

Idle Duck – home of Pete the Duck, and therefore home to all his features – Forge with Pete, Flaming Ninja Challenge and Last Forger Standing to name a few.

The man is also a master of the Halo-themed comic, as seen here.

If you like humor, Halo or the Anatidae family of birds .. head over there and see what’s going on

Playtime – presented by CruelLEGACEY Productions, it’s the adventures of Warren, Cobra and friends.

Enjoy three seasons all in one place, as well as behind-the-scenes features, soundtracks, a forum on the show (and Machinima in general), a store for Playtime gear and much more. “Hit me now, sucker!

Podtacular – the unofficial Halo universe podcast, now with Pod TV as well. Let Dust Storm assault your ears with Halo-speak, both on and off topic – then talk about it with fellow fans in their forum

Teabag or Die – Written by the dynamic duo that is MS Dosser (The Quim Ninja) and Elth (Eremenko), you’ll get good commentary/other stuff on the Halo franchise as well as other games.

Tyrant Productions – Mythic HQ where you can find all of Tyrant’s videos to help you through every Halo campaign.

Looking for a new way to play? Looking for a challenge? This is the place.

Waypoint – a little-known site, I ran across this obscure gem a while back. I’m hoping to get the word out here so others can find it.

Waypoint Community Modcast – the best place to get your Modcast on, this is the home of the podcast hosted by the Waypoint Moderators.

All the episode and host info you could want, all in one place. But you want more, you say? Then you’ve taken the relationship to an unhealthy level.

International flair

Dust and Echoes – the British Halo podcast that isn’t afraid to doff its cap to the ladies. Run by Tom and The Woaf (Andi), prepare yourself for razor-sharp dialogue, posh accents, and more indecipherable British references then you can handle.

Little English Halo Blog – a site that rivals HBO when it comes to breaking news, Flawless Cowboy keeps you going with all the happenings of the Halo-verse – and all with British flair.

Not only that, but he’s helpfully collected any and all Halo-related merchandise in an easy to find location. This is the link to the US store, but there’s one for the UK as well. Nice!

Finally, his logo is cool. That is all.

HaloOrbit – a site that finally gives Germany what it deserves … it’s own Halo site! Put together by Rakete and a few others, grab yourself a translator and head for the Fatherland!

Stosedemnast – a site hailing from the great Slovakia, Hemlax and crew get in done in the EuroZone. Check it out (and bring your Google translator) for great takes and news from all over the world


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