6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dude says:

    Hey Dude! Thanks for featuring my site and I’m happy you enjoy the shows! You have a talent for writing. I’ll be a regular visitor here.

  2. Erik Merlin says:

    Dear Reactive Bias- my name is Erik Merlin, and I am 23 years old and reside in Los Angeles. I am an aspiring Writer and Director, and have been interning for studios for about 4 years. Recently I got the offer to be a ghost writer, and am recently re engaged with the halo universe in a new, complete way. I have devoted my life to science fiction, and am currently writing my own “fanfiction” so to speak. I was wondering what has lead you to create this website and take your love of halo to the next level? – warm regards – Erik Merlin

    • Erik,
      Thanks for the comment and for checking out my corner of the Halo community.

      The best place to answer your question is the first post I did, found here.

      See what I did there? I was too lazy to come up with anything original 🙂

  3. Erik Merlin says:

    I appreciate the welcome, and your goals are admirable. Very excited for the next chapters in the halo saga as I am sure you are. Halo has such wonderful composition in story, and I think anyone who wishes to contribute to it has my support. Are you currently working on anything in paticular?

    • Currently going through The Fall of Reach, and writing out my thoughts on that – you can check out the first part here – and just check back on the “Novel Reactions” at the top for future installments.

      The rest of my topics break down into different categories, and I post on those as things hit me. I’m really enjoying the “Conversations on Deck” right now, but there’s also a lot of Halo 4 goodness to talk about …

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