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Below is a list of how I’ve broken up the words found on this site.

If you’re thinking, “does he really have a fictional tie-in for each of his category titles? What a dork!” you would be correct.

But you’re the one on a Halo blog reading about those categories, so I think we’re made for each other 🙂

Announcements – Yep, you guessed it – this is where I make announcements on stuff upcoming on the site!

Battle Group Altus – An organization of ships in the UNSC Navy, these are the good times in Halo muliplayer formed over XBL to accomplish a specific task

BNet Chatter – Short for “UNSC Battle Network,” this is my reaction to news that comes in

Conversations on Deck – Weekly ecards that will make you laugh. Or at least made me laugh

Dreams from the Domain – A vast Forerunner information sharing network, which some say began with dreams; here you’ll find the work of others on display

Echoes of Rampancy – An unavoidable flaw inherent in my creation, these are thoughts that have no easy category

Latchkey Moments – Moments of awesome in my journey through Halo

Modcast Bulletins – My summary of appreciated points and quotes worth repeating from the Modcast over at Halo Waypoint

Novel Reactions – A read-through of the current Halo novels, beginning with Contact Harvest

Random Slipspace Trajectory – Randomly selected details from the various official Halo guides, dressed up with my commentary

S-258 / CSV – Classified records and analysis on the author’s career service vitae, such as it is

SATCOM bursts – Quotes of the from those around the community, picked up on frequencies reserved for communications with orbiting satellites

Tale’s from Odin’s Eye – Located aboard the UNSC Point of No Return, one of the most secure places in the galaxy. Here is where Halo is played face-to-face


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